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What Makes You Snore and How Can You Stop It?

Many people are bothered by their snoring at night and they try so hard to look for solutions that would help them reduce it or stop it completely. However, at times, they end up getting the wrong solution. This is because they are not aware what causes their snoring in the first place. Each solution that is being sold in the market targets specific kinds of snoring causes.



When you have a clogged nose because of a cold or a sinus problem, or your nasal passages are partially blocked due to abnormalities in the nose, the airway would collapse and would cause vibration. For clogged nose that is caused by allergies, sinus problems, flu or a cold, snoring is temporary and can be reduced by using nasal sprays or other medications recommended by a doctor. As for problems with the abnormalities of the nose such as nasal polyps and deviated septum, you can use nasal cones, clips or strips to keep your nostrils open when you sleep. You would know that you are a nasal snorer if you make low frequent rumbling sounds. Try closing one nostril with your finger and close your mouth. If the open nostril closes or if you struggle to breathe properly then you are a nasal snorer.


When you sleep, the tissues on your throat and your tongue relax. Sometimes, they relax too much and they block the air passage on your throat, causing you to snore. Drinking and taking sleeping pills can enhance the frequency of the snores because they let the tongue, tissues and other muscles relax even more. Obesity or over weight can also lead to snoring due to the excess fatty tissues at the base of the tongue. A snorer with this condition uses a mouthpiece to keep the tongue in place while relaxing the jaw. Some go through surgery to remove excess tissues that can cause a person to snore.


When you breathe through your mouth when you sleep, there is a big tendency that you snore. This is because the uvula in your palate vibrates against each other and causes you to make snoring sounds. There can be different factors that would make you open your mouth when you sleep. It could be because of a nasal problem, jaw disorder or other dental issues.  People who suffer from palatal snoring can use special night mouthpiece, chin strap, or even CPAP to help them breathe well at night

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea or OSA is when the upper airway is completely or partially obstructed, or when the airways are narrow. This could be because of large tonsils or adenoids. The tonsils and adenoids press down on the airway when you lie down at night, making you sometimes choke or gasp and snore loudly. CPAP and some other oral breathing devices are used by some suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Others also go for surgery if the condition is already serious. You can check out Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews and Results to know more about the different solutions and which ones would work for you.