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Top Things You Need to Know Before Eliminating Your Tattoo Forever

Do you have regretful feelings about your tattoo? Or it is almost fading away that you just want to zap it all the way. Well, whatever the reasons are, below are the top things that you need to know before zapping it forever.


  1. You must set expectations.

There is no guaranteed complete removal of the tattoo. According to most tattoo removal experts, using laser treatment does not guarantee that your tattoo will be completely removed. Some of them will just partially fade, but even after a few treatments, you will still find some shades of your old tattoo. Additionally, you might find some permanent scarring. So, do not expect too much. However, complete tattoo removal is possible, but that depends on the location of the tattoo. According to the experts, the location of the tattoo matters. For instance, tattoos that are far from the heart, such as legs and arms have a slower healing mechanism. However, tattoos that are located near the heart such as chest, has a better result because of the increased blood circulation.

  1. Removing of a tattoo must be done by several stages of treatment.

Before you step into a clinic, to have your tattoo removed, do not expect that it will be removed with one session. According to the experts, the “downtime” or the healing factor can affect the treatment. If you are thinking that your tattoo can be removed in just a few sessions or within 2-3 weeks; think again. Most sessions will take another four to six weeks to have another stage of treatment; however, that depends on person’s healing factors.

  1. You need to visit the experts and not some amateur.

The success of tattoo removal also depends on the people you have it inked and the people you want it to be removed. Professional tattoo artists usually apply the tattoo deeper into the skin with uniformity making it easier to remove. However, amateurs often apply the tattoos with uncertainties, making it tough to remove the tattoo. Clinics who are experts in removing a tattoo know every tattoo well. Thus, they will use several different wavelengths just to treat different colors. However, consulting an amateur tattoo remover will not help you with anything, but a headache. So, do not make another mistake and consult the experts. If you want to remove your tattoo, you may consult Mona Spa and Laser for better results.