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Tell-Tale Signs of HVAC Needing Repairs

Although HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems don’t really cost that much to maintain, plenty of homeowners are turning a blind eye to obvious signs that require immediate attention for their system. Considering that maintenance or repair only needs to be done at most on a yearly basis, there’s really no reason to postpone repairs. Besides, letting tell-tale signs pass may just cause a bigger, costly problems. Here are some serious signs that an HVAC system might need the attention of a professional.


  1. Unusual sounds.

The presence of grinding, clicks and grating sounds should immediately be taken seriously. In all seriousness, there shouldn’t be any second thoughts in calling an company that’s expert in HVAC repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, some owners end up making so many excuses. The problem eventually becomes worse than it already is. Especially since the problem might be mechanical and can grow worse in a shorter span of time.

  1. Strange odors.

The inside of a house is home to various smells such as food, air fresheners, pets and plenty others. However, when metallic smells start to waft and the culprit points to the HVAC, it’s imperative to give a local HVAC company a call. Burnt metallic smells may indicate compromised insulations or even singed wirings within the system. On the other hand, if a musty smell is coming from the duct of the HVAC, it might be indicative of mold growth. Just the same, calling experts is the logical thing to do.

  1. Moisture where moisture shouldn’t be.

Proper HVAC systems are fitted with tubings to direct collected moisture to a more appropriate place to drip. When the HVAC system drips even the slightest in places where it really isn’t expected to, calling an HVAC expert isn’t an overreaction. While there isn’t a cause for urgency with its water dripping from the system, the real issue is that if the moisture is from leaking refrigerants. These refrigerants, otherwise known as freons, are health hazards. Spending the time to determine whether its water or freon is a dangerous gamble. Immediately asking for professional help is a must. Besides, if the drip turns out to be water then the problem will still have been addressed.

To avoid having to spend time in looking for a reliable company as the problem shows up, it’s a good idea to keep the contact information of a reputable¬†air conditioner repair company in Marietta. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with writing it alongside other emergency numbers.