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Repairable Windshield Chips

Car windshield glass chips are often ignored by most car owners because of the fact that such do not usually affect their line of sight, especially if such is only small. More often than not, they also refuse to have it repaired by experts since there are already a lot of DIY solutions and products that can be done and used to manage small chips. However, such may not be enough to permanently solve the problem. It does not also ensure that the right solution was done.


Hence, it is still important that car owners bring their cars to the right people and they canĀ Click HERE for quick auto glass service. Apart from making sure that the procedure is done right, they are also the ones who truly know if the windshield needs repair or replacement. In order to understand how complicated the situation is, listed below is a guide as to when a windshield chip can be considered as repairable.

Location of the Windshield Chip

As a known fact, the windshield is a very big piece of glass that is installed in front of the car. Thus, it has a center and edges. According to experts, repairable chips are the ones that are located away from the driver’s view. However, a windshield that has chips blocking the driver’s eyesight and those located on the edges of the windshield already requires replacement.

Type and Size of the Chip

The location of the chip is an easy determinant of windshield repair. The size may also be easy to identify but it gets complicated when it comes to the type of the chip.

  • Bullseye

This is a type of chip that has cone-like separations and has a dark circle in the area where the impact was introduced. This type can be repairable if it has a a size diameter of one inch or less.

  • Half mount or partial bullseye

Similar to bullseye but shape is not complete. The size that is repairable is similar to the bullseye.

  • Star break

As the name implies, it is a type of chip that has a shape similar to a star. Meaning, it has legs that are protruding from the main point of impact. Repairable star-like chips have a size of less than three inches.

Depth of the Chip

The windshield glass is composed of three layers wherein the inside and the outside contain lite materials and the middle of plastic. Repairable chips are those that only reach the outer layer of the windshield.


Windshield chips, no matter how big or small they are, should be carefully evaluated by professionals. They should also be only repaired and replaced by them to ensure the driver’s and passenger’s safety at all times.