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Peruvian Food You Ought to Try

Peru is a land of hidden treasures. It is filled with mountains, coasts, and cities that are just waiting to be explored. Not to mention the very hospitable people that would make you feel so welcome wherever you come from. On top of that, the most delicious food you’ll ever taste. Here are the top Peruvian Food selections that you should try.



It is the country’s national dish and people get obsessed instantly once they taste this. It has five ingredients – sea bass, onion, salt, hot chilis and lime juice. The fish is marinated in the citrus and the acid cooks it. The fresh tasting fish is served with sweet potato and corn kernels. The marinate that is left can also be drank and is called leche de tigre or tiger’s milk.


This potato casserole has a lot of variations these days – over a thousand in Peru alone where it all started. Whatever the variation, the dish starts with mashed yellow potatoes that are abundant in the country. The potatoes are blended in oil, lime and the ever popular spicy ajiamarillo. It is layered with chicken or tuna and avocadoes, eggs and olives. More potatoes are put at the top. Aji De Gallina Cream, cheese, ground walnuts and ajiamarillo, make up the savory sauce of this chicken dish. The shredded chicken is mixed in the sauce and thickened with either the cream or white bread without the crust. It is served with rice and boiled potatoes and topped with black olives. For vegetarians, the chicken is replaced with boiled potatoes and is called papa a la huancaina.


This stuffed pepper is a must try when we speak of Peruvian Food. The chili is boiled to reduce the spiciness of it and is stuffed with ground beef, garlic, raisins, onions, herbs and spices. It is then baked with egg and milk sauce and cheese. Rocoto is not your average chili, however. Jalapeno has nothing to say about the hotness of this pepper. So, be warned.

Pollo a la Brasa

This is a Peruvian version of a roasted chicken. Before it is put in a spit, the whole chicken is first marinated in different herbs and spices and some garlic. It is served with green huacatay which is made of mint with cilantro, some chili and garlic mixed in mayo. If these delectable dishes won’t tickle your fancy and make you go to the nearest Peruvian restaurant right now, I don’t know what will.