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How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful garden right at your place with blooming flowers that gives your home a relaxing view? It’s been as if you are spending a holiday right at your home every day. However, owning a garden can be a great deal by itself, considering its maintenance cost. But you have the option to lower down your garden maintenance expenses. How? It is by creating a low maintenance garden right from the start.  Here are some low maintenance gardening tips:


Consider the size

It follows that the smaller the garden, the less maintenance cost will if require. In paving patios, opt for a flagged stone patio.  One of their greatest advantage is the cost since this material is known to be cheap. On top of that, more of its flag placement covers the ground, requiring less maintenance. Meanwhile, you can install a mowing strip to keep unhealthy and ugly lawn edge from going to the landscape beds. Hence, it means less work to you as well. Weed growth can also be prevented with the use of wood chippings. Aside from that, it is helpful in retaining soil moisture too.Also, plant a wildflower mildew to make your garden look enchanting. This allows the nature take the reins a little. If you have no time to lawn your garden, may as well use astroturf. After all, fake grass wouldn’t grow at all. There are varieties of them that you can choose from. And they are made very well that no one can even tell if they are fake or not.

Water System

Why settle to the traditional watering can when technology has brought automatic watering system in our midst? Aside from the fact that it does the watering for you, you can be assured that the garden will not be over or under-watered. The use of soaker hoses also makes watering cheap since it allows the water to be deposited deep into the soil instead of leaving it on the surface.

Use low maintenance border plants

Examples of these are the perennial plants which are self-cleaning varieties and drought tolerant. You can also plant low maintenance border plants like snowdrops, potentillas, ferns and ornamental grasses.

For more tips on creating a low maintenance garden, you can ask a garden maintenance expert. Remember that gardens do not need to be costly. So, use them to your own advantage.