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Easy Steps to Follow When Selling Your Home

There are just too many things to do when you decide to sell your home. After cleaning up and beautifying the house, you still have a lot of paper works, postings, marketing and negotiations to go through. Here are simple steps you could follow so you could organize your home selling better.


First step: Find a realtor

A realtor or a real estate agent can help you with the next steps that you need to do. Getting a realtor would make the tasks easier as they already have experience in dealing with this. Also, they know when and how you would be able to sell your house the fastest and get the best deals. (If you are in Iowa, you can find the best flat fee realtor in Des Moines). Make sure to sign an agreement with the realtor before starting with everything else.

Second step: Put a value on your home

With the help of your realtor, decide on the asking price of your home. Your price should be competitive yet reasonable so as you could still get the maximum return of your investment. Find a fair market value by comparing other prices from listings.

Third step: Take care of documents

Get a lawyer to help you with the legalities and take care of documents that need to be signed. A lawyer has to make sure that your best interests are protected.

Fourth step: Have your home inspected

Call agencies or other experts to inspect your home for any additional repairs you need to do. Electrical wirings, plumbing, and other utilities also have to be thoroughly checked. Pests should be removed before opening the house for viewing.

Fifth step: Market your home

It’s about time to let your realtor work on the most important thing, marketing your home. A great realtor knows what to do to lure potential buyers.

Sixth step: Negotiate

Although your realtor will handle most of the negotiating, you should still have to be a part of it. Learn how to deal with people and accept offers that are submitted.

Last step: Close the deal

After agreeing on a certain value, take care of the contract with your lawyer. Deal with your realtor’s commission as well. Make sure that everything is ironed out before completely leaving everything to the buyer. A realtor plays a very important role in the selling of your home. Make sure that you choose the best one that would help you in every step.