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LED Grow Lights: Maximizing the Growth of Cannabis

To maximize the growth of your cannabis plant, you must supply it with everything it needs. And for indoor growing, the light is very vital. Fortunately, lighting technology has evolved over time and it has become as efficient as ever. This time, LED lights are in use and sometimes employed as a combination of other types of grow lights. LED light has gained popularity these days because it has a handful of benefits. Among these are the reduction of energy consumption, increased space, efficiency and great quality.

Traditional lights and their flaws

There are actually 2 types of traditional lightings used by indoor growers. On the plant’s vegetative stage, they use metal halide bulb which comes with blue light spectrum. At the flowering phase, HPS bulb was often employed. This light produces a red spectrum which induces flowering. However, these methods of lighting have several drawbacks. Because they produce too much heat, they pose the danger of burning the plants to death. Hence, proper ventilation has to be observed. The effectiveness of their light is also lost speedily, hence plants struggle to get the amount of light that they need. However, all these issues were resolved when LED lights were introduced to the market.

Light Options


  1. CFL Lights – If the grow room’s height is limited; this can be your best pick. If you have a limited budget, stealth is essential.
  2. MH / HPS Lighting – Only works well if space is .5-2 meters high.
  3. LED Lights – This is a modern alternative to traditional lights. This is used by growers who are willing to invest more time to look for new alternatives, have the budget to do the initial installation and aim for better quality and potency of one’s crops and considers this the most essential goal.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights


  • Easy to set up

LED lights are already with us for the half-century now. However, it was just perfected recently, making it ideal for indoor growing. With the newly LED light setups, you no longer need to change bulbs or use fans since it wouldn’t require any ventilation.

  • Needs less energy

LED lights only consume around 60%-90% less energy compared to CFL bulbs and HPS. Just make sure you choose a LED lighting that can produce the plant’s needed light spectrum and can perfectly penetrate the canopy.

  • Produce more potent crops

The trichomes LED lights produce is beneficial to the plant since it makes them more potent.

  • Last long

LED lights have a very long lifespan. In fact, it can operate 10 times longer than that of HPS lights.  And when used together with HPS lights, it creates an effect that offers you the best of both worlds- high potency and high yields,

  • Cost-effective

Though you may need to initially invest a substantial amount, the fact that it will last for almost a decade of use will make the light pay for itself over time. And because LED light’s prices are slowly decreasing, time will come that it will be more affordable.

To know more about LED grow lights check out 420 Pro Guide.