The Different Tummy Tuck Procedures Performed in Beleza Plastic Surgery Clinic

1Abdominoplasty, or most commonly known as tummy tuck, is a procedure that removes excess skin, fats, and tissue, which results in a smoother and firmer abdomen. Abdominoplasty is considered a major surgery, which is why it is important for anyone considering it to thoroughly research vital facts in correlation to its health risks and recovery.

Aside from its various implications, one should also familiarize themselves with the various tummy tuck procedures, and you can check out procedures/tummy-tuck/ for information. Unbeknownst to most people, tummy tucks have a variety of categories. All of which, will and can be explained to you by your cosmetic surgeon, should you choose to undergo such procedure. Different tummy tuck categories also differ in its procedures.

Complete abdominoplasty

The complete abdominoplasty is the most basic tummy tuck procedure within the categories. In general, its procedure includes making an incision from hipbone to hipbone, just above the pubic area. The cosmetic surgeon then contours the skin while removing any excess fat or tissue. Liposuction may also apply in this procedure. The skin is detached from the wall of the abdomen, which reveals vital muscles that are to be tightened through sutures. Repositioning of the belly button will most likely occur. Lastly, drainage tubes are attached under your skin, and are left there for a few days to drain excess fluids.

Partial or Mini Abdominoplasty

Partial abdominoplasty follow the same procedure as its complete version except it is less extensive. A smaller incision is made and unlike the complete abdominoplasty, the belly button may not be reposition, depending on the patient’s profile. A smaller portion of the muscle fascia wall is tightened and like the complete abdominoplasty, liposuction may also be applied. The flap made through the incision is then stitched back into place without the need to use drainage tubes this time.

Extended Abdominoplasty

The extended abdominoplasty is the same as undergoing a complete abdominoplasty procedure, but with the extension of contouring the lateral thigh as well. This procedure further improves the waist.

High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck

The high lateral tension tummy tuck is a more advanced technique used by cosmetic surgeons to achieve a better-defined abdomen as well as waistline. It follows the same procedure of a complete tummy tuck but rather tightens muscles in a horizontal line as compared to the conventional vertical tightening. This procedure is fairly longer.

Floating abdominoplasty

This is a new technique considered to be an extended mini abdominoplasty. In this procedure, the belly button floating above the muscles is detached. Contouring and also liposuction may incur in this stage. Muscles are tightened further, and the belly button is reattached with the option to reposition it for better cosmetic enhancement.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

This procedure follows the complete abdominoplasty procedure but rather than extend the abdominoplasty to the lateral thigh, it extends it to tighten muscles in the buttocks area.

Preparing for the Procedure and Recovery

It is important to go through the vital points of the procedure with your surgeon. For example, it is vital that you inform the Beleza plastic surgery clinic of any medications, health conditions, or maintenance you are taking as it might affect the procedure. This way, your doctor will be able to take the needed precautionary methods to ensure your comfort and safety. For smokers, doctors will most likely advise you to stop smoking during your preparation for the procedure as well as way after it is done. Nicotine may cause problems during the procedure as well slow down your recovery.

Recovery varies from person to person. It also depends on the type of procedure you had done, and if you are taking the necessary precautions that are expected of you. Taking your post-surgical medications on time is one example. In general, recovering from any tummy tuck procedure will range up to four weeks up to 6 months.



Low Budget Holiday Hacks

Low on holiday budget? Do not worry as the super tips that we are going to share with you in this article will make it possible for you to plan your travel in the limited budget that you have.


1 Negotiate hard with the travel operator because this can potentially save up to 20% of your cost. As you are aware that travel industry is   service industry and like every other service industry negotiations are a very integral part of it. Every layer in the industry, be it travel agent, hotels or car rentals, has their margin built in the system. Your aim should be to minimize these margins to the extent possible. Experience shows that your complete package can be negotiated up to 20%.

2 Choosing the right time from cost perspective can help you in saving on your travel budget. Although traveling during peak tourist season is fun but it comes at cost. As the number of travellers shoot through the roof through peak seasons, prices also skyrocket. If you are willing to sacrifice some fun by not travelling during peak months then you can save huge amount of money for yourself.

3 There are some travel hacks that not many people know. For example if you book indirect flight then you will probably save up to 20% on your ticket costs. Indirect tickets include multiple taxation because base sales tax is applied every time on every ticket. Further, indirect flights also mean you have to pay multiple airport usage charges. This can also increase your ticket cost significantly.

4 Avoiding unnecessary frills is something that can save you huge amount of money. What we are trying to explain here is that if you are planning a budget trip then you should definitely cut down on un-necessary expenditures. Un-necessary expenditure can be anything from fancy dresses to hiring an exclusive car. If you ride in shared taxi then you can save up to 75% of your taxi. Though it will come with significant cost, 75% is not a small amount that you can neglect if you are planning a budget travel.

There are many more small hacks (Find them all at can help you in planning a travel holiday in a limited budget. What is more interesting is that a limited budget travel never compromises on your experience and as you might be knowing that the experience is everything rest all you so not remember beyond few months of travel.

Miniature Zen Garden in Modern Setting

Nowadays, Zen gardens that originate from Japan are also very popular in the United States. Homeowners prefer to choose Zen gardens as their panorama because they want to put up something of low maintenance. Others go for it because they are in a dry area already and they love the beautiful effect it imparts to any piece of landscape.


Zen garden is a cool way to go back to our awareness or mindfulness, relaxation, or simply catch up a conversation with a friend. In today’s fast-paced life, many of us try to survive high stressed lives. We cannot stay away from it, but we need our little own “mind-escapes” to escape somehow. Thus, the Zen garden is re-invented, presenting it a new life by transforming it into a modern décor. Not just aesthetically gratifying, but best of all they function with a purpose.

Miniature Zen Gardens as Big Relief for Stress

Zen gardens have become one of the tools of the stress-relieving product and have smaller versions. The Japanese originally created a pocket Zen garden, and they attained a significant natural and artificial element for quietude. They are intended to allow you to sit and reflect for a while at your desk. Any person can make their personal miniature Zen garden where they can make their own sanctuary without leaving their work place.

Your own creativity and imagination come out as you work on your miniature Zen garden. A reflection of your inner thoughts is seen or become obvious to the type of designs and the result of your raking. With this Zen miniature garden lies centuries of disciplined motivation and spiritual growth. The Japanese people consider it a tool for meditation and recreation while in the West it is considered as a stress reliever.

There are websites that offer small, modern Zen garden and it includes all the items you need to make the perfect miniature garden that you like to have in your house or office. A mini Zen garden has a clean, simple modern design. The container is made from a white shallow ceramic dish measuring 8.5 inches in diameter. The garden includes a handmade rake. The pack comes also with enough sand to fill the dish, coastal pieces like driftwood, a seashell and pebbles. You can check out Exotic Pebbles on Pinterest.

Slow down a bit and escape to a world of endless pleasure with the Zen garden. What matter most are the elements and not the size of the garden. Absolutely feeling of peace and stillness are projected from this kind of garden. Attain your own personal development when you create or buy one affordable yet practical priced miniature modern Zen gardens.

How To Clean Fresh Air Duct Cleaning

Fresh air duct is a critical system for circulation of fresh air in air-conditioned environment. If the fresh air duct is not clean then the HVAC system will keep on circulating stale air in the room.  This makes cleaning of fresh air duct an important task, however it is not one of the easily done task. What is more important is that you need to this at a regular frequency. You must not wait for cleaning it till the time your HVAC system start circulating stale air in the room. Most of the fresh air ducts cleaning services follow a standard process which has been described below for your convenience.


The first thing that any service provider will do after arriving on the spot is that they will inspect the entire fresh air duct. For this you may need someone who knows the layout of the building because sometimes the fresh air ducts are concealed from the outside. They walk through the entire duct in order to find out leakages or damages that are visible to naked eye. They may also carry out a pressure test at multiple to points to find out the leakages that are not visible to naked eyes.

The next thing that they will do is explain you the process that they are going to follow on the duct. There are several ways of doing the routine cleaning of the duct. Depending upon the is situation of duct, age and condition, the service provider will choose a particular way of cleaning it and then estimate the time that will be required for cleaning of the duct. This step is important because it will help you assessing the time for which your air-conditioning system will be down.

Vacuum cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning your fresh air duct. Vacuum cleaning is quick and effective way of cleaning the duct. However, if there are some mechanical problems in the duct then the service provider may have to enter the duct at the right point. Problems of thermal insulation are very common. Regular wear and tear may result in tearing up of thermal insulation. Rodents are also a leading cause of insulation failure and hence sometime the service provider will do a pest control activity inside the duct.Depending upon the severity of the job, it might take 8 to 12 hours for completion.


Sabo Studios: Your Reliable Home of Excellent Photographers

Each special moment of your life has to retain into memory. Pictures are one way to preserve important occasions such as birthdays, weddings or the moment when you are promoted to a higher position in your job. You have to capture memorable occasions such as this to remember them once in a while when you are older and have grandchildren to tell of your amazing life story.


As they say, one picture conveys thousands of stories. It shows the emotion of the subject person and creates a memory which you could have missed in your mind. Thus, as long as you live, you have to capture every special moment or even just simple ones to treasure every bit of your memorable time in this world.

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or needs someone to take care in documenting your wedding – the Sabo Studios is your number one home of professional and expert photographers.

The Sabo Studios has been serving many people since their beginning in this industry. They offer services in photography for all types of occasion and purposes. If you need a photographer to document an event or if you are searching for a studio space for a photo shoot – the Sabo Studios can give it to you.

Why should you trust Sabo Studios?

The Sabo Studios is all about excellence at work and high-quality services. For them to reach this goal, they are only working the best photographers and professional individuals in this industry. Moreover, they have high-tech devices in their hand to help them reach success in every project they do. In addition to this, as their valuable customer, they are willing to discuss with you every detail of the project and let you know about its progress. Thus, you can guarantee a high-standard quality of work with their services.

High-quality services come with a price; well, it is true for some. However, with Sabo Studios, their high-quality service comes at a reasonable price. They want to make you feel happy and satisfied. Hence, you do not have to worry about expensive payment with their affordable services which fits into your budget.

Celebrating an important occasion does not have to be expensive. With the help of Sabo Studios, you can enjoy and capture every moment of your special event.

Do you wish to get to know more about Sabo Studios and their excellent services? You can get more information regarding their studio by visiting their Facebook page.

Enhancing the Brain’s Function

The brain is the center of the body since it is the area wherein all the body’s movements, as well as the capability to learn are dependent on. Many people think that the brain is only used when they are studying and working. They are not aware that the brain is being used every second of the day. The sad thing is that as people age, the functions of the brain slows down. Such is due to the fact that it is being used more and more. People’s focus or concentration, memory, and capacity to process information become more difficult.


With such in regard, many professionals or experts have suggested different means by which the brain function can be improved. One is that people should always eat healthy food. Vegetables are the number one source of nutrients for the brain. Such is due to the fact that they contain anti-oxidants that help protect the brain. Likewise, some vegetables are capable of producing new brain cells. Coconut oil and omega-3 fat from animals also give positive contributions to brain function.

People are also advised to take a good night sleep. Such is due to the fact that sleeping is capable of recharging the brain. During sleep, the brain will have lesser functions. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that a good night sleep does not always mean sleeping for six to eight hours a day. It should be an uninterrupted sleep. Even if a person sleeps for four hours only, as long as it is continuous, then it is still healthy. Likewise, people who sleep well will more likely function better the next day.


As shocking as it may sound, exercising can also contribute to the good functioning of the brain. As the person exercises, his or her brain will be working at an optimal level. Through such, nerve cells are stimulated to multiply. In addition, exercises also trigger the nerve cells to release neurotropic factors. Such compounds are responsible stimulates other brain chemicals that promote neural health. Thus, the person who exercises will have better cognitive function and learning capacity.


Nowadays, people can already find neurotropic supplements like the one portrayed in the movie Limitless. However, it should be remembered that the one from the movie is an exaggerated version. An example of the real nzt that is available in the market is the NEURONZT Cognitive Enhancer. It is packaged in a puncture-resistant bottle. Each bottle has 60 capsules in it. People who have already used such observed an improvement in their mental clarity, focus, and brain function.

Tourist Attractions In Australia

Have started planning your summer holidays? If you have not finalized the location or done the bookings then definitely read this article before finalizing the place of your vacation. Today we want to talk about Australia, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Australia is a continent and I think that summarizes it all. It offers the kind of diversity which is not seen anywhere else in the world. It has vast seas shores, beautiful landscapes and snowy mountains. It is a cliché but worth mentioning when we are talking about Australia- it is the land of dreams. It is not only abound with natural beauty but also has some of the best man made wonders in the world. Sydney’s Opera House is an iconic structure which deserves a place among the modern day man made wonders. Needless to say that it is among the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Sydney’s Opera House has been developed as a complete entertainment package for tourists. You can listen to the world class opera as well as a have a classy mean at one of the many restaurants that are there.


Natural beauty and Australia are almost synonymous. There r every natural beauties that are not present in the continent of Australia. Great Barrier Reef is one of the large coral reefs in the World. It is located just off the coast of Australia. People from all over the world flock to Australia to have a first-hand experience of this natural wonder. There are many national parks that are worth visiting. Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park has been officially recognised as the most photographed monument in the World. There are many other natural beauties such as the Blue Mountains National Park. The best part of Australian Natural sites is that all of them are very well preserved. Unlike some of their counterparts in other countries, Australian natural sites are very well preserved.

The best part of touring Australia is that it is very accessible. Being a developed country, Australia has a very well developed network of rail and air connectivity. You can even visit the most remote parts of Australia very easily. For example, Tarago is a remote place in rural Australia but it is a sought after tourist destination. There are many Tarago hire service providers which can make your visit very convenient and easy.

Hiring a Certified Surfing Instructor

Surfing lessons is an acceptable and highly recommended activity for people who are looking for a new experience. If you have a natural ability to balance yourself on surfboards and wave boards, then you are a good candidate to do surfing since it is safer to fall in the waters rather than the pavements as long as you know how to swim. You can go to Zack Howard Surf School if you are in the Maui area to take your basic surfing lessons.


Surf lessons can be conducted by one on one or tutorials as well as by groups for about an hour. Here, you will ride on a foam board that is about 10 feet long and very light in weight, which catches waves easily and gives you enough buoyancy to float. Most surf schools can guarantee that you will be able to stand above the waves and be able to master the skills of paddling, detecting, and catching the waves on your own. If you are not able to do it within an hour, then you can come back for another set of lessons for free until you can already do it alone.

Another thing one must keep in mind is that not all people who can surf can be surf instructors. Some of them do not undergo the same training and do not handle certifications that can prove that they can handle students well. Settling for a knowledgeable surfer to teach you might not produce a good student in you unlike when you hire a certified surfing instructor. You can learn the skills of paddling, treading, lining up, wave picking, wave catching, and more.


This is the reason why it is better to shell out a small amount of fee for the lessons because all of your questions will be answered and can make you survive the waves. The main goal for you for your initial lessons is to have a feel and a good time while riding your first wave experience a memorable one. To take the full advantage of the entire time that you have with your instructor, it is more advisable to prepare a complete list of questions. There is no limit to the questions you can ask them including the silly ones so that you just fire away. Asking questions is the only solution to ignorance.

Hire the services of a certified surfing instructor from a reputable surfing school now.


Physical Requirements of Surfing

Surfing is becoming a popular activity not just in areas with beaches. People travel to beaches that have high and strong waves in order to enjoy surfing. Some people may think that surfing is not as physical as other sports like boxing and basketball. However, such is not the case. People should remember that they will be battling strong waves. Even good swimmers may fail to learn how to surf if they do not have the physical capabilities required by surfing. The sport involves a lot of skills that involve physical power like paddling, standing on the surf board, and more.


One of the physical characteristics that people who want to learn how to surf needs to develop is strength. People who are strong enough are less likely to be injured during the activity. It should be noted that there will always be an incident wherein they might fall or thrown from the surf board. Likewise, people who have great physical strength can turn better during the activity, as well. Another skill that they need to develop is mobility. As the name implies, it is the ability to freely move the body without feeling any pain or discomfort.

People who have great mobility can change their positions on the surfboard efficiently. Changing positions is very crucial since surfers need to swim by riding their surf boards in order to reach the area where they will surf. They also need to get up and sit when they are waiting for the perfect wave. Then, when the wave is already good, they have to lie down again and swim back together with the wave. As soon as the time is already perfect, they have to stand up immediately so that they can perfectly surf on the wave.

In addition, surfers should also have good sensorimotor skills. Sensory pertains to the different senses and motor refers to the physical movement. The senses that should be very active are, of course, the eyes, the skin for touching, and the ears. Motor skills, on the other hand, are related to the ones mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, it is always advisable that people who want to learn how to surf should seek the help of a professional to teach them. Such will ensure their safety. Likewise, they will also learn the proper techniques that they need. The Surf School Lahaina Maui is highly recommended for people who want to become good surfers. It offers private, semi-private, and group classes.

Best Travel and Tours to Famous Olympics Architecture

People travel in search of relaxation, go shopping, savor the local cuisine and generally spend a good time. They even note down the best travel and tours to see. One favorite places not to be missed out by travelers are the Olympic venues that significantly hold games, excellent athletes and bring people together. Find out the places for the best travel and tours to see some of the world’s famous Olympics architecture.


  • Australia

Stadium Australia is built for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. It is regarded as the largest Olympic facility to be built for an Olympic Events as it has a capacity of 110 thousand spectators.

  • Beijing, China

See and admire the Bird’s Nest, the official National Stadium designed for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Nearby is the Water Cube, the site of the Olympic aquatic events. You can check out Visa 24 China visa service to prepare for your China trip

  • Canada

Montreal Olympic Stadium, 1976, has a 574 foot high slanted tower supporting a retractable roof. It is also called “The Big O”. This is the Olympic event that made famous Nadia Comaneci who scored the first ever perfect 10 in women’s gymnastics.

The Ski Jump Towers at the Canada Olympic Park was constructed for the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary. The park has 7 ski jumps and a 295 – foot tall ski-jump tower. It has become a popular ski resort since then.

  • Greece

The Olympic Center Athletic Athens is built in Marousi, Athens in 1980-1982 to host the European Championships in Athletics in 1982. Other events that follow are the Mediterranean Games of 1991 and the World Championships in Athletics in 1997. The stadium has complete renovation in time for the 2004 Summer Olympics with a roof added atop. It has a seating capacity of 75 thousand.

  • Helsinki, Finland

Finland usually hosts winter sports but in 1952, a Summer Olympic is held there and the Olympics Stadium in Helsinki with the dominant skyline 238-foot-tall-tower became the venue for the games in front of 70 thousand spectators.

  • Russia

This has been Russia’s first time being host to a Winter Olympics – the recently concluded 2014 Sochi Olympics. After the historical event, the resort town where the Fisht Olympic Park is built welcomes everyone to the largest, most expensive Winter Olympics in history, the Adler Arena for skating and the Bolshoy Ice Dome.

  • Seoul

South Korea hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics, the second summer Olympics games done in Asia and the first one after the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Visit the Jamsil Sports Complex, the Seoul Olympic Stadium that is dynamically curved and designed by Japanese Architect. It evokes a Joseon Dynasty porcelain vase.

Include these historical venues in your best travel and tours list and relive the sights and sounds of the events that transpired in the heart of these great architectural masterpieces.